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Chiropractic clinicAt Essential Health Chiropractic in Eagan, MN, we believe that a properly aligned spine helps prevent illness while protecting your health. To that end, we don’t leave your treatment up to just chance. Unlike other doctors, our chiropractor doesn't just guess at what care options will benefit you. Instead, chiropractic expert. Dr. McComb will conduct a thorough spinal study, which may include digital nerve analysis, posture evaluation, range-of-motion tests, orthopedic exams, neurological assessments, and digital x-rays. At Essential Health Chiropractic, our goal is to provide you with the best possible care based on your specific needs.

About Our Practice

Chiropractor near meEagan MN ChiropractorEssential Health Chiropractic has been caring for infants, children and adults since it opened in 2007. This state of the art clinic is equipped with everything it takes for a patient to live the 5 Essentials® of Health!

Essential Health Chiropractic provides personalized Chiropractic and Wellness treatments for each of their patients, as well as, Intensive Spinal Corrective care for those who qualify! The focus of our Chiropractor is getting to the cause of the underlying health condition not just covering up the symptoms for a short period. The human body is truly the most amazing healing system…our goal is to remove the interference to allow your body’s nervous system to function and heal at it’s optimal level.

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Eagan Chiropractor Chiropractic in Eagan Chiropractic in Eagan
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